Free Digi-Komp Google +1 Slider


Digi-Komp Google +1 Slider

Our Digi-Komp Google +1 Slider is free software released for Joomla under the GNU/GPL 2.0 license.

If you have any issues please email me.



-Can be SEO Optimized.

-Comes with style sheet for additional styling which is loadable through control panel.

-Can add custom image for slider.

-Change colour theme, layout and badge width.

-Able to add padding, border width, radius, style and colour.

-Able to change the width and height of the module.

-Able to change the top and left, right and bottom positioning of the module and icon.

-Change icon from a range of selections.

-Select which side of the screen the slider sits.

-Edit the z-index positioning.

-Chose between page, person or community profiles.

-Full language support.

-Compatible versions for 2.5 and 3.0.

-Passes W3C validation of latest HTML and CSS3 standards.

-Free download.

-Can optionally add a back link to the developer.

-No registration required.


This module is designed to be simple to use for all users from advanced to beginner. With the aim to look good and obtain more Google +1's for your page for free.


(Tip, edit url first before changing width and height values etc.)

Installation is straight forward if you have joomla 2.5 just unzip and install the mod_dk_gp1slide_2.5 zip package, then edit the options with your settings and enable the module.

Installation is also just as straight forward if you have joomla 3.0 just unzip and install the mod_dk_gp1slide_3.0 zip package, then edit the options with your settings and enable the module.

The configuration is simple but if you get stuck you can hover over the option name for a description.


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The latest version can always be found below.



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Download this file ( Google +1 Slider v1.3.1Tested and working for joomla 2.5 and 3.0.417 kB411
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